If you are looking for Free Fire Emblem Heroes Hacks you found the right place , here you can get all the new undetected ways to hack fire emblem heroes and download them for free.

Fire Emblem Heroes Bot

This is the new version and is totally undetectable, still worried about the gil-sellers that hacks the terrain?Not anymore, this bot works totally different from the ones in the beta.You can position yourself in walls, under the ground and even invisible( for your mining needs, isnt that cool?  ), other players cant even see your character so you cant be interrupted or get any agro.The next option you have is that you can bot/macro the nodes.I know that walking can be a hard thing for your character and we thought about that so you can instantly teleport between mining nodes instantly ( you can do around 4 nods in 20 seconds…that fast isnt it?), this was made so you can maximize your time spent farming vs walking.

Auto-Detect Admin / Auto Disconnect Bot

Every MMO has the same problem of admins coming online and detect what you are doing, now that is over because this Fire Emblem Heroes Hacks can detect them and auto disconnect the bot if you want it too.There is plenty of ways you can add this to your advantage, we advise that you buy a private server so you can run the bot 24hrs without the problem of your coOrbuter heating and shutting down.


You forgot your bot running and went for a coffe with your friends and a admin logged on and messaged you.No problem my friend, you can set up all kinds of automated messages.

Orb Boost

In the Fire Emblem Heroes series mana or Orb is crucial is even battle, well not anymore you can boost your characters Orb and magic power with this new option.This is just a beta version so the hack doesnt work on special bosses and special events.

No Cooldown

Remember that time where you wanted to do that special combination with a mix of spells?This is perfect for getting those combos ready to use, no more frustations when one of your characters is almost dying.

EXP Register

This game is about building your characters the correct way, specially level them up.Dont know where are the best zones to level your characters?Well dont worry we got all that sorted out.We have maps , waypoints and even drops description for you to choose wich area is better for you to evel up at each stage.