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We're always looking for great and talented people to help us tackle the next big thing! If you think you've got the drive to constantly challenge yourself and the willingness to learn something new everyday, send us your contact info together with your resume or portfolio. Your application will be safely kept and if we see that you'd be a great fit for our team, we'll contact you as soon as we can.




We have years of industry experience working with various studios and projects varying in sizes and application types from web, business to immersive and interactive games using both proprietary and 3rd party commercial technologies and engines. If you have the idea, we can make it happen! Contact us now and learn what we can do for you!



Game Production and Development

We have years of industry experience working with various studios and projects varying in sizes from casual type, original IP games to handling big franchise games using both proprietary and 3rd party commercial engines such as Unity and programming languages like C/C++, Objective-C, Java, C#, Lua and more.

Art Production

Our network of artistic talents can also provide your project with the art it needs. May it be 2D or 3D art for your next big project, let us take care of your artistic needs!

Website Development

Having an online presence for your business is as important as ever to maximize the reach of your brand and products. Our world-class web development team will help you envision the web design, layout, generation of engaging content, and functionality that fits your company's brand, vision and goal.



Atari's Haunted House (Wii)


Nickelodeon's Dora Links


Monster High Ghoul Spirit




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Founded by two game developers who has worked in the US games industry for years, Pulse Entertainment is a newly formed Philippine-based game studio specializing in the outsourcing of creative and technical talent. Our network of world class talent allows us to provide an excellent quality of service in various art, game cheats, engineering and production aspects of a projects development cycle. We understand that the development costs of games these days are getting cost prohibitive not only financially but finding competent talents as well. It is with this goal in mind that we have started Pulse Entertainment to deliver exceptional and uncompromising quality of service to our client by targeting desired quality results, on time deliverables, while targeting your development budget at the same time. With our experience and familiarity in both the Eastern and Western culture, we are sure to meet your expectations. Hit us up on the "Contact Us" form below!



We always need skilled programmers, artists, animators, designers, and production people. In short, we need visionaries and people with super powers! People who push their creative and technical boundaries to the limits! If you want to be a part of this crazy adventure, send us your resume and tell us a bit about yourself in the "Contact Us" form below!